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Sunday, November 15, 2009

[UNDETECTED]GarenaCrack by Play_Line_Tiger

I'm new in here and never post before so some of your guys will ask and somebody will not trust me. The thing I'm going to post for your guys is the Garena cracked that I was using it for a while (Actually since last 2 updates of Garena) and until now I'm still able to use its.
o let me tell your guys what does it do,


:-No 5 Second wait
:-No spam warning at Chat room
:-No leaving room while open warcraft warning
:-And Also I think there is some few more but I don't know and I can't remember what it's

Don't ask me about Mega EXP because I don't know how to make it work and also with my experience my friend who's working with Garena told me that it won't work for now because of the new protection or something blah blah ( Don't Ask me Who is my friend)


open the folder go to GarenaHack.exe and then start Cracked Garena,Then log in (Suggest log-in with fake user first for your safety) then if you tried you are good to go just try a maphack that you want like TyranO Should be fine use the lasted one will be good,


so here is the link 100% no virus if you want me to scan tell me the website I will do it for your guys but for now I'm going to sleep because I'm sick hehe have fun guys, NOTE: USE ON YOUR OWN RISK I WON'T BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY BAN I JUST SHARE YOUR GUYS WHAT I HAVEHIT OR YOU WON'T HIT THE THANKS BUTTON I DON'T CARE I CAME TO JUST SHARE