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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

6.59d PRo|HeRo_HuNTeR Super Collided map Hacks



10/May---auto ping the enemy location and show them hp/lv/and name!(idea from old 6.59c collided map)
10/May---Hacks Command tht show up when u pick hero are remove
10/May---Added a hack command list help! ( Type -1/-2/-3/-4/-5/-6/-7 to see the hacks command!)
10/May---No need type [-cheat] to activate the hacks! it will auto activate once u in the game !
10/May---[-cheat] are now also can type like [-c]
10/May---deleted some command and added many kind new hacks
10/May---added Some special hack tht can 1 hit break tower !
10/May---it now more stable when u use impale type skill!
10/may---ping enemy will not continue ping ! it is a colour circle lock on enemy , and it now look beauti and won't anoising~
10/May---Kunka/Tiny/chen his skill summon are now can control ! example on kunka ship, it will stop on ur mouse icon locate
10/May---kunka water torrent can now change place to flow up, even u aready clicked ! it increase the acuarry rate ! ( if u pro use , it is 100% hits)
11/May---Moded and each Hero are now more then 2 type hack ! but some hero din't make cause of them is useless~
11/May---Fixed Night stalker 3st skill hacks
11/May---Sniper Ulti Are Now 1 hit died !
11/May---added New Invoke skill hacks !
11/May---Undying Tomb stone Will summon more small undying ! and now the amount of small undying summon out also can control by u !
11/May---Luna his ulti are now can stop! and hits/demage/times all are control able !
11/May---Jugg/Puck/Void, Can be Invul after use certain skill ! and the period of invul is infinte !!!
11/May---Kunka Ultimate Demage can Now set by u !
12/May---U can now view enemy hit item square by type -item or -i !
12/may---type -p to allow allies hack are now remove !
12/May---Left Screen Will Display Wat Rune On Top Or Btm !
6.59d PRo|HeRo_HuNTeR Super Collided map Hacks Details
Command List !
type -1 / -2 / -3 / -4 / -5 /- 6 / -7 in games
to see the hacks command for the hero
Full Hack Command list on [6.59d PRo|HeRo_HuNTeR Super Collided map Hacks]
in game type -1 to show up this list
-HC Phantom Assasin Dagger

-DW Alchemist Acid

-MB Undying Tomb Stone

-LJ Alchemist Gold Multirate

-DZ SandKing Ultimate

-AM Dazzle Ultimate

-SD -10For 0 Cd Time Kunka Water Sword

-HL Kunka Water Torrent

-CZD Kunka Ultimate

-LHR Barathum Ultimate

-SWL Undying Suck Str Amount

-DM1 Storm Lighting Remant

-DM2 Storm Suck Times

-DMD Storm Ultimate Lv

-BNC Barathum Charge Lv
In Game type -2 to show up this list
-FW Axe Beserk Call

-HN Destroyed Suck Int

-GB BB Auto Skill Demage Lv

-MH Encan Skill 2 Lv

-TS Leshrac Ultimate Open

-TB Doom Devour Lv

-LP Orge Magi Multi Cast

-DK Deleted

-SL Huskar Skill 1 Heal Lv

-JM Silencer Curse

-SQ chen skill 1

-HN Destroyed Suck Int

-LL Sven Ultimate Infinte

-JD Venomancer Skil 1

-tf Pudge Hook Lv

-FHy/n Pudge Skil 3 Open
in game type -3 to show up this list
-XQE Na impalE

-CXE TideHunter Ultimate

-SWE SandKing Impale

-EME Lion Imaple

-SSG Naix No Effect On Magic Forever

-FXZ WindRunner Ultimate

-WWW Invoke (Invoke skill )

-EEE Invoke

-GL1 Bloodseeker Ultimate Duration

-GL2 BloodSeeker Ultimate Lv

-JLL1 Puck Skill 1 Lv

-JLL2 Puck Invul After Use Skill 3

-QWE1 Invoke

-QWE2 Invoke

-QWE3 Invoke
in game type -4 to show up this list
-ZZ Brood Ultimate Infinte

-ZW Brood Web Infinte

-W1 Witch Doctor Curse Lv

-TT1 Witch Skill 1 Jump Times On Hero

-TT2 Wich Skill 1 Lv

-YQ1 Luna Skill 1 Lv

-YQ2 Luna Ultimate Times

-YQ3 Luna Ultimate Hits On Hero

-WY1 Lich Ultimate Times

-WY2 Lich Ultimate Lv

-ZG1 Lanaya Reflection Times

-ZG2 Lanaya Reflection Refresh Time

-SJ1 Gondar Track Times

-SJ2 Gondar Track Lv

-sll1 Visage Add Atk

-sll2 Visage Add Atk (Activate both!)
in game type -5 to show up this list

-YM Night Stalker Speed bug

-XH Doom Devour Refresh Time

-Hx Soul Keeper Ultimate ")

-HZ Phantom Lancer Skil 1 lv

-JG Hold To Let Hero Vanish

-DS Roof Invis In Anyhwere

-EMS Leshrac Skill 2 Lv

-GSL Naix Ultimate Lv

-SWM Necro Skill 1

-FTG Clock Hook Lv MAX!

-JS1 Jugg Invul

-JS2 Jugg Invul

-XK1 Void Ultimate

-XK2 Void Invul

-FTR Close Clowerk Ulti

-WSD Close Kunka Water Sword
in game type -6 to show up this list
-BHT Potm Leap Distance also can mod !!!Wakakakak

-BHJ Potm Arrow

-BHL Potm Star

-GF1 Keeper Of The Light

-GF2 Keeper Of The Light

-BND Crsytal Maiden

-JLE Puck Close Invul -LJY Alche Close Stun

-HUI Cant Use Teleport scoll (Enemy)

-SET x|a|n|s Set Skill Summon Place

This is my last work on 6.59c/d
so enjoy it~

Hack Made By PRo|HeRo_HuNTeR

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