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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dota 6.60 Beta 54 Map Download - Dota-Allstars 6.60 Beta 54

Dota 6.60 Beta 54 Changes Summary:

- New recipe shows introduced
- Kadhgar's Pipe of Insight from Beta 45/46 renamed to Ghost Scepter. New icon.
- Kadhgar's Pipe of Insight is the name of a new item in the Supportive Vestments recipe shop. Upgraded version of Hood of Defiance. Has the "Barrier" active ability, blocks limited amount of magic damage (old Storm Spirit's ability).
- Quelling Blade damage bonus nerfed to +36%/12% from +40%/20%. Price nerfed to 250g (from 200g in Beta 46).
- The Leveler removed!
- Force Staff has a new icon.
- Ring of Protection has a new icon.
- Added Goblin Merchant Shop , Goblin Laboratory Shop, Replacing Goblin shop

- Batrider's Flambreak skill changed from AoE-targeting to Arrow-type-targeting. No longer has knockback!
- Batrider's first two skills' animations are much less flashy.
- Tauren Chieftain no longer "merges" with his Ancestral Spirit once it's near him. Now you can easily keep the Spirit active for its entire duration.
- Lina's passive Boost renamed to Fiery Soul.

- New passive, Warcry. Active AoE buff, all units around the Rogue Knight gain bonus armor and move speed. +8 armor and +10% MS at Level 4. Uses old God's Strength animation.
- New animation for God's Strength.
- Storm Bolt stuns and damages in an AoE (same as in older betas)

Terrain change command
-terrain default
-terrain snow
-terrain city1
-terrain city2
-terrain jungle
-terrain highlands
-terrain reddungeon
-terrain bluedungeon

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