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Monday, May 11, 2009

Ladder Show All Version

Ladder Show All Version

Instructions with step by step teaching:

Method 1 ( Easy Way )

1-Download Pudge666 V5.0
2- Download 9th April bypass update. ( put it and replace it in pudge666 V5.0 folder )
3- ....... thats all!

Method 2 ( Complicated method )

1-Install fresh copy of garena
2-update it
3-delete ''lib'' and ''plugins''
4-extract chews85 files (123.rar) it contains the ''lib' and ''plugins'' folders.
5- Get pudge666 V5.0 ( garena.exe / server.xml / face folder / avatar folder / Gameen.dat / Skin.ggz / Wc3Ladder.dll ) and extract it all to the original folder and the right places.

That's it. ladder should be working again in both methods.

I suggest everybody do method 1 , because method 2 can create lots of doubts.

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