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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pudge 666 (Read Carefully)

Ok just read all threads and posts from yesterday and today.
And now i am going to answer you all about whats going on and what happened.

For all my friends :

- I wanna say thanks for all community that stayed with me all this time , those who used my crack since version 1 , since i was just a normal member trying to understand how garena worked and etc. and released here my 1st crack in 1st-hacks , happy days xD
Other members also joined me after Version 2,3 and did become my friends must thank you guys for your support.

Before other ask me thats not a good bye msg , ok ?

ok lets proceed:
You all know that i always released my cracks for free and for you ( members of 1st hacks) , i never charged a cent for it.
And today i came here and what i see ? people calling me a traitor ? .....a traitor ?? lolz , just because i became a trial moderator at garena ? and what you guys think i will start to do reporting everybody nickname to garena ? whats the point of that ?

Let me clear things out , Garena doesnt care to ``WHO`` uses garena crack but they do care to ``FIX`` how garena crack works.
Think clearly here in 1st-hacks and other websites of hack/cheats and etc i am PudGe666 and always will be PudGe666 but there at garena forum i am just WaR.PudGe the Brazilian Moderator that got nothing to do with PudGe666.

I know a lot of things must be going on your mind right now. i will try to answer them all.

I wont release anymore updates to pudge666 crack because i am tired of cracking , yes you read that correctly , we hackers/cracker are not machines made to always have THE BEST crack for you guys in hand.
I also have a life outside computer , a girlfriend , college , work and everything that normal people have. so dont blame me for stoping activity or whatever.

That means will you stop working here ?

-No , i will keep moderating and updating forum with all brand news from hacking/cracking world.

But how you will do that being a moderator in Garena ?

Simple what i do here got nothing to do with there and vice versa.
That means if i post a hack here from another place will i go against Garena Orders/rules/desires or whatever ?Of course not.
All public cracks and hacks were made to be PATCHED and FIXED of course , the author of the work must have that in mind before realising it to public.
What i will do here is just the connection between all the works in the world of hacking.
And what people can download here they also can find in anywhere with just the right time to search for it.

Of course i am not talking about private stuff noly the free stuff.

For those who said that i am a traitor:

-Dont come here at 1st-hacks with 20 posts and open threads or posts telling everybody that i am a traitor.
You will never accomplish even 5 % of what i did for the garena hacking community.

Keep that in mind 1st-Hack fellows:
1sT-Hacks is the webpage that i dedicated some months of my life working and relasing my things.
I will never be a traitor here , that you all can be 100 % sure about it.

To finish:

-I will keep moderating this section.
-Dont keep spamming senseless posts about this issue anymore(or if you do go anywhere else )
-Yes i am Mod of Garena/and 1st-Hacks Mod of Garena Section.
-I wont be a spy of garena
-I wont be a spy of 1st-hacks either.
-Pudge666 got nothing to do with WaR.PudGe.
(Dont start adding me at garena client to spam things.)

Alright i think thats it , any more questions about it plz make in this thread.



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