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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

500 exp hack ladder room hack

500 exp hack ladder room hack++++

No virus.
Enter any room without 5 seconds limitation popup
Remove all advertisement on garena
50 exp /15min (basic) ~ 100 exp/15min (gold)
Show real ping in numbers instead of bars
Unlimited spam in room
Unlimited group alert
Show HP bar
Show enemy icons ingame
Dota inventory key
Remove limition of logging max 1 ID
Trace IP adress of garena
Auto room Joiner
Map-hack feature built in ( A very powerfull maphack!!)
Ability to change username
Unlocks and enables all icons
Custom Kick in Garena
Ladder Always
Host a game under custom name
Custom Ladder level
U need TO open Garena AT 5 different Server then JOIN different ONLY war3.RPG gives u 50exp/15min
250exp/15min for Basic member and 500exp/15min GOLD member
THNX gamerzplanet FOR this HACK

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