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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Free free GoldMember

guys,did u know PCP clan Is now raNK 3 in garena with total exp of 27314740 ?
the clan goal is just gaining exp by inviting or accepting exp hackers and the clan lord send free gold member to clan members every month,also you can have a free rename card ,if you put the "PCP" tag before your name.
so if you think you can gain a big amount of exp for this clan daily, pm the clan lord or captain or the two organizers of clan,and describe about the amount of exp you can gain everyday and then they invite you and after 10 days they check your exp and if it was enough and helpful for clan,they send you your gold member and let you stay in clan,but f you couldnt gain exp fast and enough they will kick you from the clan.
so if you see the ability of gaining super and mega exp by yourself just go and P.M the lord,cap,orgs

this the clan link :
GG Clan - Clan View

clan forum section :

the pcp lord: Garena Gaming Community | Esports platform| Dota platform| Cod4 platform| CS | CSS | AOE | GGC | GG Client - Powered by Discuz!

p.s :
the LORD also sends an extra 3 months gold member to best exp hacker ,so dont waste the time and join

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