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Monday, June 8, 2009

Garena Tools and Hacks V 1.0

First , I would like to share my files to you all here~
My work is just only conclude all the hacks and tools into a installer .LOL. This is an all in one package xD .

All the hacks and tools i found in securegamers , 1st-hacks , and also d3scene and others .

Garena Cracks - I am using the GarenaHack by cqccyh. So, credit goes to him / her .
Features of the hacks:
1- Enable all the icons
- See cooldowns
- See skills
- Enable trade ressources in DotA (Sd333221)
- UI mode (gaypimp)
- Show hero path (gaypimp)

For maphack ... i will like to intro you all to use ShadowFrench Maphack because it has more features...but cq's mh also easier for you to use : P

10-Show hp bar, tie hack feature(for dota ladder room)
11-You can open two or more GG client on One pc for fast gain exp
12-You can use some administrator functions like tract people's ip address(this function is useless except you really an admin of gg)
13-You can logon the same ID by Two or more GG client which means you will gain 2 or more times extra EXP!(but not in same room)
Note: You have to change the server to gain extra exp
14- all the illegle program are actived,eg: sf1.21b5,sfdropkicker
15-auto update system to ensure your garena hack is always fit the lastest garena
16- you can leave room while playing
17 - you can view gamer's ladder record while you host or join a host
18 - you can change war3 name as what ever you want
19- can see gamer record in game& in room member list in both high level room & normal room
20 Can check win &lose rate multipier
21 Can get ladder record in high level room
22 CUSTOM KICK in GUI and in game command

Tyrano Mh for 1.23/1.22

- Save features in config.ini (customizable all features)
- Grab your Cd-Keys
- Reveal units
- Reveal units on minimap
- Remove fog
- Remove fog on minimap
- Clickable units
- See ressources
- See invisible
- Bypass -ah feature in DotA (Sd333221)
- Show illusions (Sd333221)
- Show enemy pings (Sd333221)
- Clickable invisible units (Sd333221)
- See cooldowns (Sd333221)
- See skills (Sd333221)
- Show invisible units as red (Sd333221)
- Show hero icons ally/enemy/all (Sd333221)
- Enable trade ressources in DotA (Sd333221)
- Show hero icons ally/enemy/all (Sd333221)
- Enable trade ressources in DotA (Sd333221)
- Working Hotkeys (F4,F5 for on/off and NUM+, NUM- for zoom out/in)
- Namespoofer with colors
- Camera Distance Hack (customizable distance)
- Custom trade amounts
- Minimize to tray button
- Show all HP bars (For the HP bars features, you have to have the option always show healthbars in warcraft III DISABLED)
- Show only enemy HP bars (Darimus)
- Show only ally HP bars (Darimus)
- Top view feature (removes the angle so you look over everything at 180 degrees)
- Remove zoom angles (removes the deviation when zooming)
- 90 degree spin (spins camera by 90 degrees)
- Smooth Camera (Max Camera distance that doesn't lock the zoom)
Credits goes to Tyrano.
Shadow French
-Same as cq's mh but added see atk speed and movement spd LOL
Credits goes to Securegamers website.

Maps ~
- I have already include collided map inside too ~ hehe
Dota Allstar 6.59c and 6.59d
Command is already inside the folder too (read me)
Credits goes to ProHunter.

Tools ~
Visual Custom Kick for version 1.23
Drop hack for version 1.21 .
Credits goes to 1st-hacks.
Note: Custom kick already include in Garena Hack by cqccyh too but his/her custom kick not able to show the name of player ...sometimes will kick wrong ..T.T
There is also Auto Collided..Map unprotect..JJ's Packs all those.
These you should go map editing there to search for tutorial.
Credits goes to Risker.
This website has tuturial about unprotect map

Note: I dont use Pudge666 crack for now because pudge's crack cant join any room. T.T

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