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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ultimate Garena Crack v1.1 by Ankur Mathur

Hello users from 1st-hacks and most of all users from Garena Section!
Here is the new release of Ankur Mathur. A new working crack that will bypass garena protection. Is one of the best maphacks.

We had added a new interface and made it an exe autoextracting. What this?

Here are some images to aclare your doubts:

What's new and what's the same?

1) removed 5 sec wait
2) disabled nag "Sorry, this room is full. \nOnly Gold Members can join full Rooms. Buy Gold membership now!"
3) garena maphack protection bypassed, all previous maphacks are undetected!
4) You can use Shadowfrench's Maphack again
5) Stopped garena updates
Ankur dice (18:38):
*6) Multi-Client - To gain more exp by opening 6 garena...Supported!
7) removed Spam-Limit, no u can repeatedly send messages no error will come "Sorry for Better gaming experience, do not flood!"
8) Shows Real and Virtual ips... in player profile when u click a user in room
9) Shows exact pings in the room, removed bars!
10) Now Even if user has blocked chat you can chat with him.. LOL!
*11) exp hack 100/15 min (Thanks to pudge666 :P)
12) Admin Functions added in menu (some work some might not work)

Hope that you all enjoy it. If you have problems with this crack, DO NOT open new threads asking for help with this crack. All help must be asked here, in this thread related with this crack.

Also, DO NOT SAY THANKS...just press the thanks button, download and leave if you don't have nothing more to say. People that will start posting/spamming..saying Thank, great job, nice, etc..."shorty words" will be deleted and banned for 3 months! I warned you, so later don't come to me sending e-mails to unban you. Read the rules as all. We DO NOT ALLOW SHORTY WORDS!

All the best,



Anonymous said...

how can i download this hack ?

Anonymous said...

how can i download it ?