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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

[Updated]Garena hack!

Well on my first hack it has many problem
I kinda fix a little
AFter all of my search of all hacks
Heres New

~[Updated]=Enable All icons(WORK PERFECTLY)
~[Updated]=No more error in Garena When Entering Ladder Room(NOT SURE)
~[Updated]=Super Admin(SOME OF THE TOOLS WORK!)
~[Updated]=Auto Joiner(WORK PERFECTLY)

-Maphack(1.23)(HAS A BACKUP)
-Maphack(1.22)(HAS A BACKUP

-Enable all icons*
-MapHack Detector Bybass
-You can now use OLD MAPHACKS!

-Swords Of playing
-Ladder Win
-Super Admin
-Custom Ladder Lvl
-Multi Clan
-Can invite anyone to clan(EVEN YOUR ONLY A MEMBER)
-No 5 secs
-No Advertisment

-Higlited Text(BLUE)
-Dota keys
-CustoM Kick

Thanks To
Ankur Mathur

Q:GArena UPDATED What will i do??
A:Just install garena again to have 2 garenas
one with hacks and the one has not...
Update the Garena without a hack then when the garena is
updated copy the update.xml file and paste it on the
garena folder with the hack!

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