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Thursday, July 16, 2009

How To Get Colored Name In Garena

O.k. So let's get Started!

So when your playing a game in Garena you saw some people has colored names right?

And Their name looks pretty good with the colors ..

people will probably thinks their hacking , well their not their just using color codes ..

and you can get them too , its easy !

Also if you know how to get it but if you want to get other colors , the codes should be in here too . anyway if its not in here you can request it with your post

Read This Before Using It ! :

Read This Before You Wanted To Get Color Names

1 : You might get ban for using color names [ its best to buy gold member to get it ]

2 : i am not responsible for anything [ its not my fault if you got ban and etc ]

3 : Use It At Your Own Risk

4 : Don't Forget to press thanks if i helped you

O.k. Now Here Is How You Get COLORS NAMES !!!!!

First You Need To Pick A Color \ Color Codes

Red \ ff0000

blue \ 0000ff

yellow \ ffff00

black \ 000000

Brown \ 996600

Purple \ 9933ff

teal \ 66ffff

green \ 00ff00

dark green \ 003300

light teal \ ccffff

light yellow \ ffffcc

Dark Brown \ 333300

Dark Red \ 330000

dark blue 000066

and more [ if you need other colors you can request it with your post ]

so after you pick your color
[and again if you don't like any of the colors you can request it with your post]

So After you pick your color \ color names

Go to Garena 's [ main website ] and register for a new Garena accout

This Is How It Should Look :

and then you should click the Register as Garena Member

And Then The Next Step :

You Should Put An Email That You Could Log Into so you could get 500 exp

and for username :

If you selected a colored name

for example : Color Red

ff0000 get the color code first and then

put this lc00 in front of the color code

Example |c00
ff0000 like that

and you have to put something in the front of the lc00 too

like an Dot [ . ] A letter or anything

Example : M|c00ff0000[name]

Example : if i wanted my name to be mike with red color it should looks like this


the M Won't be showing as red because its the in front of the code so maybe you should put it like this

.|c00ff0000Mike like that

So Mike [ the name ] Will Be the Red but the . [dot] will be normal color

So There you have it ! Your Color Name !

Color Name FAQ :

Why was my name 's color same as other people 's ?? and i did every thing you said .

Its like that , you are not able to view your own color so your color would stay the same but when other players look at your name it would be different

I want some other Colors how do i do that [that isn't in this thread] ?? :

you can request it within your post

How Come I can only put for 4~6 letter for my name ?

Because the max user name space is 15 and the codes its already 10+ so its normal if you have a little space left for your name

Would I get Ban in Garena for doing this :

Maybe , Well I don't know but i am not responsible for anything

Thanks For The Answer Xx_VolcoM_xX

Originally Posted by Xx_VoLcoM_xX View Post
Very Nice!... And dont worry!, Garena dont ban for use color code!...
Im lvl 51 Whit a Red Color Account! and i dont whet banned!:. :D

Now Enjoy Your Color NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have question \ request \ comment post within your post

If I Helped You [ Don't Forget To Press Thanks ]

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