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Monday, September 7, 2009

Dota 6.63 - Dota Allstars 6.63 Map Download, Changelogs - News & Updates

Dota 6.63 - Dota Allstars 6.63 Map Download, Changelogs - News & Updates. As we all know that Dota 6.62 has been released after a long time and we have had no changes in it because of Warcraft 1.24b patch issue. The next release will be Dota 6.63 & this release will have some changes/balancing & tweaking if everything goes perfectly with Dota 6.62. Read the updates IceFrog has posted on his blog about the upcoming release of Dota-Allstars 6.63.

Update #3 from IceFrog (6.63 Status Update):

I am still actively working on the next balance patch. The first thing I started on a couple of weeks ago (after we were finally done with 6.62/1.24) was experimenting with a bunch of different item changes (heart, bloodstone, treads,phase boots, pipe and many more). No changes are set in stone yet though, since they all revolve around each other in many ways, so naturally some items will get changes and some won't. There are also lots of different balance tweaks for heroes. I think it is shaping up to be a nice gameplay update overall though.

I may end up releasing Dota 6.63 with a bunch of balance improvements sooner and then follow up with another patch for some more adjustments, depending on how things go during the next week or two.

There will also be a nice surprise for everyone in 6.63

Update #2 from IceFrog (HLC Support):

I've added HLC support to 6.63. This functionality allows leagues that use hosting bots to handle the game mode functions directly.While the feature will still be tested to ensure that there are no unexpected side effects, I wanted to give leagues an early notice about this frequently requested feature.

Update #1 from IceFrog (Dota 6.63 Development Starting):

The 6.62 release seems to be a smooth one so far, no major bugs reported yet.

I am starting 6.63 development now. This patch will be primarily focused on balance improvements.

If there are any changes you'd like to suggest, please feel free. When making recommendations though, try to explain why you think a change would be good and what level of play you refer to.

We hope that there will be no bugs with the current Dota release so we can enjoy the upcoming great changes in Dota 6.63 also the 8mb map file size increase (more heroes) ^^

This post is created you to give the latest information updates of the Dota 6.63 map, If you have any Dota 6.63 beta map, changelogs, news or any kind of update. Please share it with us, Also share your thoughts & suggestions for the upcoming Dota-Allstars 6.63 map. Happy waiting!


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