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Friday, September 4, 2009

How to get Axe in random - Dota Bug

Random Axe
There is amazing bug in DotA by using it you can get Axe (Mogul Kahn) in random. This is a great news for Axe lovers, you can get Axe by doing random just by performing few steps. Taking random hero gives you extra 200 gold which really matters in starting of the game. Don't miss to try out this cool stuff or it gets fixed in Dota 6.62b Follow these simple steps to perform this bug.

• Be a Host Or Co-ordinate with host.
• -ah (anti-hack command)
• -ap (AllPick mode)

• We already know that the countdown timer of creeps spawn starts from 2 minutes after the game mode selection.
• Type "-random" when the timer reaches 1 minute 47 seconds.
• Ask the host to type "-ah" command immediately at 1 minute and 42 seconds or type it yourself when you are host.
• You will get Axe :)

Note: Don't be too late to type Anti-hack command because there is time limit for it.

credits: Salival

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