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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

[1.23] Warcraft 3: Camera

D3Scene : Warcraft 3 Camera Zoom (V 3.0)

NOTICE: This hack uses offsets. Warden will detect this! Don't use this on battle net.

WARNING: Warden now scans channels and custom games

I was doing some exploring in the Camera code and found some nifty offsets for camera angle and rotation. So I've put together a new UI with these updated features. I have to give credit to TyranO, because without him this would not be possible.

It creates and uses an XML file to hold the settings so if you see settings.xml, that's from this program.


* Camera Fixed Zoom (TyranO's Offsets + Code)
* Camera Scroll Wheel Zoom
* Camera View Angle
* Camera Rotation
* Save Settings
* Auto-Detect Warcraft Process
* Auto-Load when Warcraft is Detected
* Minimize to Tray

Please Note:

* Windows Vista needs to Right-Click and Run-As Administrator
* I do not support Garena. But, I think using the Garena or Pudge hack will make this work.

Loading the Hack:

You can load warcraft 3, or the camera app in any order. But, if you load the camera app first, you will see the following screenshot.

Notice, it says, "Warcraft 3 : Not Detected." No problem. Simply load Warcraft 3, and the program will now automagically detect warcraft 3.


So, now the Camera Controls group box is available, as well as the Scroll Wheel Zoom group box. By default this program will set up the scroll wheel to have multiple levels of zoom. If you would like to set it to a fixed zoom distance, simply change the radio button in the Camera Controls group from Scroll Wheel Zoom to Fixed Zoom.

That's it! Once you have the settings you like, you will never have to type in the camera zoom settings again.

credits : Wynthar and for The BOSS for sharing.

creator : Wynthar

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