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Thursday, June 18, 2009

DotA 6.60-6.60b Collided!

-Doom's Devour works properly now.
-Added New v6.60 collided map for those Anti-Hackers

__________________________________________________ ____________
Collided DotA 6.60 Super Imbalance Stuff

I Found that some of the garena players detected the collided map and cr8ting the v6.60 instead of v6.60b. This time, it will no more defence against Collided MAPS!! As v6.60 out, Garena Players have only 2 choices:
-Change to 1.23
-Quit DotA
Anyways, I'm just sharing this.. not mine! rmb. NOT MINE!


!!!!This only works with 1.22 and lower (Doesn’t work in 1.23, like most collided maps. They fixed it in latest version)!!!!

First, type -cson(space bar) and you will see that it’s activated
now type those commands (The best way is to set chat to observer to prevent ppl from seeing it)
then, -csoff(space bar) to de-activate.
Just backup your original 6.60 somewhere else (Move original map out of Download folder) and then put collided map here.

(06/14/09) - Added Batrider(Flamebreak) and Medusa(Mystic Snake).

- Basher 2sec stun delay removed.

Before using any of the cheats you have to type :

Code: [Select]
-cson[spacebar] to activate the cheats.

Modify Damage Hack (This doesn’t modify your BASE DAMAGE but it modifies your skill damage as mentioned below)

Code: [Select]
-setdm[hero] [x]


Example, -setdmnerub 10 = Nerubian Assasin’s Impale Damage x 10

-setdmnerub - Impale (Nerubian Assasin)
-setdmsk – Impale (Sand King)
-setdmlion – Impale (Lion)
-setdmtide – Ravage (Tidehunter)
-setdmkael – Sunstrike/Meteor Chaos (Invoker)
-setdmabbadon – Aphotic Shield/Death Coil (Abbadon)
-setdmwind – Power Shot/Focus Fire (Wind Runner) [Focus fire reduces the % of focus fire damage recudtion]
-setdmnecro – Death Pulse (Necrolyte)

Modify Times Hack
Code: [Select]

-settm[hero] [x]

Example -settmyurnero 30 = [will be added 30 times omnislash]

-settmyurnero – Omnislash (Yurnero)
-settmluna – Eclipse (Luna Moonfang)
-settmogre – Multicast (Ogre Magi)
-settmlich – Chain Frost (Lich) [bounce times]
-settmundying – Decay (Undying)
-settmvisage – Soul Assumption (Necro’lic)
-settmdazzle - Weave (Dazzle) [Duration only]
-settmalche – Acid Spray (Alchemist) [Cloud duration only]
-settmvoljin – Paralyzing Cask (Witch Doctor) [Bounce times]
-settmkunkka – Tidebringer (Admiral Proudmore) [the number you set will be reduct to total cd of its skill ex. -settmkunkka 16 = infinite cleave]
-settmvoid – Chronosphere (Faceless Void) [10 = 1 sec]
-settmstorm – Electric Vortex (Storm) [1 = 0.5 sec]
-settmchen – Holy Persuasion (Chen)
-settmpudge – Fleshheap (Pudge) [ex. –settmpudge 2 = 1 creep = 2 str]
-settmaxe – Berserker’s Call (Axe) [1 = 0.5 sec]

Modify Skill Level Hack
Code: [Select]
-setlv[hero] [x]

Example -setlvdoom 5000 = The skill level will be Level 5000.

-setlvdoom – Devour (Doom Bringer) [it multiplies 10x for the data you enter. ea: -setlv 10 = 100 gold]
-setlvsk – Epicenter (Sand King) [1 = 2 pulses and can be global if set too high]
-setlvstorm – Lightining Remnant (Storm)
-setlvchen – Penitence (Chen)
-setlvkunkka – Torrent/Ghost Ship (Kunkka)
-setlvnortrom – Curse of the Silence (Silencer)
-setlvundying – Tomstone (Undying) [set too high may flood the whole map]
-setlvmort – Stiffling Dagger (Mortred)
-setlvlancer – Spirit Lance (Phantom Lancer)
-setlvpuck – Illusory Orb (Puck)
-setlvblood – Rupture (Blood Seeker)
-setlvpudge – Meat Hook (Pudge)
-setlvbara – Nether Strike (Barathrum)
-setlvclock – Power Cogs (Clockwerk) [Damage and mana burn only not cog duration]
-setlvluna – Eclipse (Luna) [Damage only of eclipse while cast]
-setlvrylai – Freezing Field (Crystal Maiden) [Can only be set to +3, cant set too high due to some fatal errors. if you set it higher than 3 then it will be set back to default, which is 1]
-setlvbat - Flamebreak (Batrider)
-setlvmedusa - Mystic Snake (Gorgon)

Modifying setdm skill too high will get you disconnected unless you’re the host.

Credits go to the4got10 & BoYButanding

__________________________________________________ _______________
Collided DotA 6.60b Super Imbalance Stuff

By the way, this is the first DotA 6.60b collided map working for public!
I'm Just Sharing this though and don't blame me for leeching or wateva.
I found that 6.60b is a new map and the collided version of v6.60 is very hard to get.
So, here is it..


Cheats are activated by certain passwords. They are in the following format: "-heroname" to activate
and "-heroname" to deactivate. Includes commands for hero pinging, rune notifications and items.
Password for pinging "ping"
Password for runes "rune"
Password for BKB and Satanic "item"

Hero - Skill - Password

Obsidian Destroyer - Astral Imprisonment - int
Doom Bringer - Devour - doombringer
Ogre Magi - Multicast - ogremagi
Bloodseeker - Rupture -bloodseeker
Dark Seer - Wall of Replica -darkseer
Invoker - Alacrity - invoker
Lifestealer - Open Wounds -naix
Lord of Avernus - Borrowed Time - abaddon
Spiritbreaker - Charge of Darkness - barathrum
Prophet - Sprout - prophet
Br(o)od****** - Spin Web - broodm(o)ther <
Pudge - Flesh Heap - pudge
Juggernaut - Omnislash - yurnero
Priestess of the Moon - Moonlight Shadow - mirana
Faceless Void - Chronosphere - facelessvoid
Witch Doctor - Maledict - witchdoctor
Moon Rider - Eclipse - luna
Night Stalker - Hunter in the Night - balanar
Captain Imba - Torrent - kunkka
Sand King - Epicenter - sandking
Tiny - Avalanche - tiny

Credits go to Hillo

I think this is a balance map compared to those prohunter's because it contain less cheats and dc-free!

Virus Scan Result[UPDATED]:

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