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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

6.60b Collided UPDATED

Go to observer char and active the cheat by type -cson (space bar).
To deactive type -csoff (space bar).


Modify Damage Hack:

Code: [Select]
-setdm[hero] [x]

Example: -setdmnerub 10 = Nerubian Assasin’s Impale Damage x 10

-setdmnerub - Impale (Nerubian Assasin)
-setdmsk – Impale (Sand King)
-setdmlion – Impale (Lion)
-setdmtide – Ravage (Tidehunter)
-setdmkael – Sunstrike/Meteor Chaos (Invoker)
-setdmabbadon – Aphotic Shield/Death Coil (Abbadon)
-setdmwind – Power Shot/Focus Fire (Wind Runner) [Focus fire reduces the % of focus fire damage recudtion]
-setdmnecro – Death Pulse (Necrolyte)

Modify Times Hack
Code: [Select]
-settm[hero] [x]

Example: -settmyurnero 30 = [will be added 30 times omnislash]

-settmyurnero – Omnislash (Yurnero)
-settmluna – Eclipse (Luna Moonfang)
-settmogre – Multicast (Ogre Magi)
-settmlich – Chain Frost (Lich) [bounce times]
-settmundying – Decay (Undying)
-settmvisage – Soul Assumption (Necro’lic)
-settmdazzle - Weave (Dazzle) [Duration only]
-settmalche – Acid Spray (Alchemist) [Cloud duration only]
-settmvoljin – Paralyzing Cask (Witch Doctor) [Bounce times]
-settmkunkka – Tidebringer (Admiral Proudmore) [the number you set will be reduct to total cd of its skill ex. -settmkunkka 16 = infinite cleave]
-settmvoid – Chronosphere (Faceless Void) [10 = 1 sec]
-settmstorm – Electric Vortex (Storm) [1 = 0.5 sec]
-settmchen – Holy Persuasion (Chen)
-settmpudge – Fleshheap (Pudge) [ex. –settmpudge 2 = 1 creep = 2 str]
-settmaxe – Berserker’s Call (Axe) [1 = 0.5 sec]

Modify Skill Level Hack
Code: [Select]
-setlv[hero] [x]

Example: -setlvdoom 5000 = The skill level will be Level 5000.

-setlvdoom – Devour (Doom Bringer) [it multiplies 10x for the data you enter. example: -setlv 10 = 100 gold]
-setlvsk – Epicenter (Sand King) [1 = 2 pulses and can be global if set too high]
-setlvstorm – Lightining Remnant (Storm)
-setlvchen – Penitence (Chen)
-setlvkunkka – Torrent/Ghost Ship (Kunkka)
-setlvnortrom – Curse of the Silence (Silencer)
-setlvundying – Tomstone (Undying) [set too high may flood the whole map]
-setlvmort – Stiffling Dagger (Mortred)
-setlvlancer – Spirit Lance (Phantom Lancer)
-setlvpuck – Illusory Orb (Puck)
-setlvblood – Rupture (Blood Seeker)
-setlvpudge – Meat Hook (Pudge)
-setlvbara – Nether Strike (Barathrum)
-setlvclock – Power Cogs (Clockwerk) [Damage and mana burn only not cog duration]
-setlvluna – Eclipse (Luna) [Damage only of eclipse while cast]
-setlvrylai – Freezing Field (Crystal Maiden) [Can only be set to +3, cant set too high due to some fatal errors. if you set it higher than 3 then it will be set back to default, which is 1]
-setlvbat - Flamebreak (Batrider)
-setlvmedusa - Mystic Snake (Gorgon)

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