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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

DotA 6.60b Collided Map!! [ NEW ] !!

By the way, this is the first DotA 6.60b collided map working for public!
I'm Just Sharing this though and don't blame me for leeching or wateva.
I found that 6.60b is a new map and the collided version of v6.60 is very hard to get.
So, here is it..

Cheats are activated by certain passwords. They are in the following format: "-heroname" to activate
and "-heroname" to deactivate. Includes commands for hero pinging, rune notifications and items.
Password for pinging "ping"
Password for runes "rune"
Password for BKB and Satanic "item"

Hero - Skill - Password

Obsidian Destroyer - Astral Imprisonment - int
Doom Bringer - Devour - devour
Ogre Magi - Multicast - ogremagi
Bloodseeker - Rupture -bloodseeker
Dark Seer - Wall of Replica -darkseer
Invoker - Alacrity - invoker
Lifestealer - Open Wounds -naix
Lord of Avernus - Borrowed Time - abaddon
Spiritbreaker - Charge of Darkness - barathrum
Prophet - Sprout - prophet
Broodm(o)ther - Spin Web - broodm(o)ther <---without the quote
Pudge - Flesh Heap - pudge
Juggernaut - Omnislash - yurnero
Priestess of the Moon - Moonlight Shadow - mirana
Faceless Void - Chronosphere - facelessvoid
Witch Doctor - Maledict - witchdoctor
Moon Rider - Eclipse - luna
Night Stalker - Hunter in the Night - balanar
Captain Imba - Torrent - kunkka
Sand King - Epicenter - sandking
Tiny - Avalanche - tiny

Credits go to ---Hillo---

I think this is a balance map compared to those prohunter's because it contain less cheats and dc-free!

1 comment:

itachi1990 said...

you suck. there's no link, and you tend to repeat bad instructions (also, bad english). to hell with cheaters. weaklings.