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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Garena Hack™ Xtreme v3.0

Garena Hack™ [-Xtreme-] v3.0 [With Bypass] By: ChaoSlasher69

[With MapHack 1.20e,1.21,1.22,1.23] [ The 1.20e Detected As InfoStealer LOL You Can Download It Here - ]

YouTube - chaoslasher69's Channel
YM: chaoslasher69 Friendster:

*Note: There's No Keylog Or Virus On My Hack OK? Don't Use It If You Don't Want...My Hack Is Free..


- Exp Hack 50-100 (Basic Member) & 100-200 (Gold Member) Per 15 Mins.
- Shows Real and Virtual IP's... In Player Profile When You Click A User In room
- Shows Exact Pings In The Room (Removed Bars!)
- Cracked The Wc3Ladder To Display ~> Level,Disconnects,Win,Loss
- You Can Leave Or Change Rooms While Playing
- No More High CPU Usage
- Can Use Map Hack (Shadow French,Tyrano,Etc..)
- Even If A User Has "Blocked Chat" You Can Chat With Him
- Admin Functions Added In Menu (Some Will Work & Some Might Not work)
- Better Tunnel & AntiSpike
- Can Use Any Hack
- Can Enter Ladder Rooms
- Can Enter In Hacked Protected Rooms
- No 5 Secs. Waiting
- Not Detected By Garena
- 11 Servers (For Multi-Client)
- Ability To Flood In Room
- Ability To Multi-Client
- And Many More

For 1.22 & 1.23 Map Hack

- Open War3
- Open The MH
- Press F4
- WooT!

*Don't Forget To Run As Administrator On Vista!*

Changes: Remodel The Login Screen =)


- If You Want To Run In Window Mode Add -window On War3 Bootstrap Parameters Then Run Windows Mouse Capturer For Better Playing In Window Mode


- Remove Unnecessary Bytes
- Critical Errors

*Note* Don't Remove The Config.ini Or Else The Map Hack 1.22 & 1.23 Will Stop Working


1) Help I Can't Connect! - Change The Server
2) Can't Connect Again Huhuhu - Change The UDP Port Example 1514,1515 And So On..
3) Can't Enter The Room - Some Of The Rooms Is Encrypted
4) When Is The Release Of Your New Hack? - Check My Youtube For The Update Or In My YM
5) I Found A Virus/Keylogger - It's A Hack LOL It's Normal *NOTE* My Hack Don't Have Keylogger! OK?
6) How To Multi-Client? - Change The Server & UDP Port Ex. Server 1 UDP Port 1513 , Server 2 UDP Port 1514 ..Or Search In Youtube

*Xtreme Edition v3.0*

Credits To:

- TyranO For 1.22 & 1.23 Map Hack
- UnKnown For 11 Servers
- Rhy23 For The Skin
- ankurakaet For Show Real & Virtual Ip In Player Profile

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