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Friday, July 10, 2009

[Release] DotA Allstars v6.61 - Collided Map

[Release] DotA Allstars v6.61 - Collided Map
[Release] DotA Allstars v6.61 - Collided Map Version -

Dota Allstars 6.61 Collided Map Version 1.1 - by Maischoyu

Im jus here to share with you all this wonderful collide map by Maischoyu

Activate the hack:

View Hack list:
-1, -2, -3, -4, -5, -6

Disable feature:

Hack List
# = number u want (1 - 999999)
0 = zero (do not type any more number or change it !)
1 = same goes as number zero

-t =Tower GLYMPH infinity

-z # =Zooming (# = 1 - 1000)

-item =Satanic & BKB infinity (Item)

-runes =Turn on or off the rune detector

-gold # =Devour gives extra gold (Doom)

-ac # =Acid spray duration adjustable (Alche)

-rt # =Acid multi gold (Alche)

-ru # =Rupture infinity (Blood) <- Please type -ru2 first then -ru !

-ru2 # =Rupture damage (Blood) <- A bit buggy - type 9 for max, if beyond it will back to normal.

-speed =Thirst infinity (Blood) - Private Use Only, sry not for public atm.

-dw # =Weave infinity (Dazzle)

-rep # =Replicate infinity (Morph)

-int # =Int ****ing (Obdisian)

-mb # =Tombstone level increased (Undying)

-str # =Str ****ing (Undying)

-chen # =Penitence lvl (Chen)

-wind # =Focus Fire (Windrunner)

-nova1 0 =Pulse nova (Leshrac)

-nova2 # =Diabolic edict (Leshrac)

-kun1 # =Water Sword Cool Down (Kunkka)

-kun2 # =Ghost ship (Kunkka)

-kun3 # =Water torrent (Kunkka)

-nax # =Rage infinity (Naix)

-wound =Wound always at lvl 4 (Naix)

-vis1 0 =Visage killing amount lvl (Visage)

-vis2 # =Visage dmg lvl increased (Visage)

-mana1 # =Mana leak lvl increased (Keeper of Light)

-hook # =Meat hook lvl increased (Pugde)

-sna # =Mystic snake lvl increased (Medusa)

-chan # =Nature`s Attendants (Enchan)

-hoo # =Shield defend lvl increased (Abadon)

-mirana =Mirana 4th skill infinity (Mirana)

-para1 # =Paralyzlse Cask Jump Times (Witch)

-para2 0 =Paralyzlse Cask lvl (Witch)

-brood =Insatiable Hunger infinity (Brood******)

-hole # =Black hole infinity (Enigma)

-wee # =Invoker aaa (Invoker)

-eee # =Invoker bbb (Invoker)

-ccc1 # =Invoker stun times (Invoker)

-ccc2 # =Invoker range (Invoker)

-ccc3 # =Invoker dmg (Invoker)

-riki =Backstab infinity (Rikimaru)

-rax # =Razor Storm Of Eyes Lvl (Raxor)

-rax2 # =Razor Static Link (Raxor)

-bra # =FlameBreak lvl (Batride)

-jug # =Yurnero OmniSlash lvl (Yurnero)

-ogre # =Multi Cast (Ogre Magi)

-bana 0 =HunTer Of The Night (Balanar)

-bara # =Nether Strike (Barathum)

-hi =Stop other colliders's triggers (except your) - Available after other collided maps exist

-there =Disable some heroes ability (they will get kicked if used one of disabled abilities) - unavailable atm

-axes 0 =Rexxar's wild axes becomes useless (it will hook up to him & has no dmg)

-notele =Disable Teleporting (effects to everyone)

-shie # =Abadon's aphotic shield gives him death

-kardel # =Kardel's shrapnel has no slow %/DPS effect

-nogold # =Devour gives NO gold (Doom)

-bara2 # =Charge of darkness ( Barathrum)

-silent # =Curse of silent (Silencer)

-holy # =Holy Persuasion (Chen)

-laya # =Refraction (Lanaya)

-puk # =Illusory orb (Puck)

-hus # =Inner Vitality (Huskar)

-sven=1 God`s Strength (Sven)

-void 1 =Chronosphere (Faceless Void)

-sand 1 =Epicenter (Sand King)

-pha # =Stifling dagger (Phantom Assasin)

-dupe 1 =Wall of replica (Dark Seer)

-necro # =Death pulse (Necrolyte)

-clock # =Hookshot (Clockwerk Goblin)

-veno =venomous gale (Venomancer)

-leap # =Leap (Priestess of the Moon)

-shaker1 # =Impale stun (Earthshaker)

-lion1 # =Impale damage (Lion)

-nebu1 =# Impale damage (Neburian)

-tide1 # =Impale damage (Tidehunter)

-snd1 # =Impale damage (Sand King)

-shaker2 # =Impale stun (Earthshaker)

-lion2# =Impale stun (Lion)

-nebu2# =Impale stun (Neburian)

-tide2 # =Impale stun (Tidehunter)

-snd2 # =Impale stun (Sand King)

-More hacks will be available in the next update.

Because officially V6.61 has just been released today, there for.. DO NOT LET PEOPLE DOWNLOAD THIS MAP WHEN U ARE HOSTING! OR JOIN OTHER MAP HOSTER !

Don't forget to press THANKS

Next update will be available soon for the rest of unavailable hacks.

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