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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

(Updated to ver2.0) Collided Map 6.61&b

Dota Allstars v6.61 & v6.61b Collided Map Version 2.0 - by Maischoyu

Updates of ver 2.0
- 135 hacks added (11 hidden)
- Auto minimap ping of enemy hero location
- Auto teleport to anywhere
- Teleport other player
- Disable teleporting for certain player or everyone
- Anti Gank
- Hack disabler cmd to others included
- Enemy low-hp detector
- Instant winning
- Instant vanish for enemy hero
- Instant destroy for enemy units
- Summon skill location controllable by mouse
- less dsync & error

Updates of ver 1.0

- 91 hacks added (2 hidden)
- Rune detector
- Tower glymph hack
- Camera zoom

Activate the hack:
Type: -ma[space][space] or -maischoyu

View Hack list:
Type: -1, -2, -3, -4, -5, -6, -7, -8, -9

Special Hack:
Type: -special

Hack List:
-AG Spectral Dagger (Spectre)

-HC Stifling Dagger (Phantom Assassin)

-DW Acid Spray (Alchemist)

-LJQ Goblin`s Greed (Alchemist)

-MB Tombstone (Undying)

-SWL Decay (Undying)

-DZ Epicenter (Sand King)

-AM Weave (Shadow Priest)

-SD Tide Bringer (Admiral Proudmoore)

-HL Torrent (Admiral Proudmoore)

-CZD Ghost Ship (Admiral Proudmoore)

-LHR Nether Strike (Barathum)

-DM1 Static Remnant (Storm Spirit)

-DM2 Electric Vortex (Storm Spirit)

-DMD Ball Lightning (Storm Spirit)

-BNC Charge of darkness ( Barathrum)

-FW Berserker`s Call (Axe)

-GB Bristleback (Bristleback)

-MH Nature`s Attendants (Enchantress)

-TS Diabolic edict (Leshrac)

-HZ Spirit Lance (Phantom Lancer)

-TB Devour (Doom Bringer)

-LP Multi Cast (Ogre Magi)

-SL Inner Vitality (Huskar)

-SJ Track (Bounty Hunter)

-JM Curse of Silent (Silencer)

-SQ Penitence (Holy Knight)

-LL God`s Strength (Sven)

-JD Venomous Gale (Venomancer)

-tf Meat Hook (Pugde)

-DKD Aphotic Shield (Abaddon)

-fhy/n Flesh Heap (Pugde)

-XQE Impale DMG (Nerubian Assassin)

-CXE Impale DMG (Tidehunter)

-SWE Impale DMG (Sand King)

-EME Impale DMG (Lion)

-WWW Wex 'www' (Invoker)

-EEE Exort 'eee' (Invoker)

-WWE Wex & Exort 'wwe' (Invoker)

-WEE Wex & Exort 'wee' (Invoker)

-FXY Shackleshot (Windrunner)

-FXH Windrunner (Windrunner)

-FXD Focus Fire (Windrunner)

-JLL1 Illusory Orb (Puck)

-JLL2 Phase Shift (Puck)

-QWE1 Wex Level (Invoker)

-QWE2 Quas Level (Invoker)

-QWE3 Wex Level (Invoker)

-HN Astral Imprisonment (Destroyer)

-JG AI - Vanish Forever! (Destroyer)

-ZZ Incapacitating Bite (Brood******)

-ZW Spin Web (Brood******)

-W1 Maledict (Witch Doctor)

-TT1 Paralyzing Cask Multihits(Witch Doctor)

-TT2 Paralyzing Cask Stun (Witch Doctor)

-YQ1 Lucent Beam (Moon Rider)

-YQ2 Eclipse DMG ((Moon Rider)

-YQ3 Eclipse Multihits (Moon Rider)

-WY1 Chain Frost DMG (Lich)

-WY2 Chain Frost Duration (Lich)

-ZG1 Refraction Bonus (Templar Assassin)

-ZG2 Refraction Limit (Templar Assassin)

-sll1 Gravekeeper`s Cloak (Visage)

-sll2 Gravekeeper`s Cloak Limit (Visage)

-YM Hunter in the Night (Balanar)

-XH Devour disabled (Doom Bringer)

-Hx Sunder (Soul Keeper)

-DS Nature's Guise (Treant Protector)

-EMS Pulse Nova (Leshrac)

-SWM Death Pulse (Necrolyte)

-JS1 Omnislash DMG (Juggernaut)

-JS2 Omnislash Limit (Juggernaut)

-XK1 Chronosphere (Faceless Void)

-XK2 Time Walk - Invul (Faceless Void)

-FTR Rocket Flare (Clockwerk Goblin)

-XQY Impale Stun (Nerubian Assassin)

-EMY Impale Stun (Lion)

-SWY Impale DMG (Sand King)

-CXY Impale DMG (Tidehunter)

-MED Mystic Snake (Medusa)

-BHT Elune`s Arrow (Priestess of the Moon)

-YNT Leap Distance (Priestess of the Moon)

-BHJ Moonlight Shadow (Priestess of the Moon)

-BHL Starfall (Priestess of the Moon)

-YNJ Leap Level (Priestess of the Moon)

-GF1 Illuminate (Keeper of the Light)

-GF2 Spirit Form (Keeper of the Light)

-GF3 Mana Leak (Keeper of the Light)

-BNW Frostbite (Maiden)

-BND Freezing Field (Maiden)

-JLE Phase Shift (Puck)

-LJY Private Use Only - Locked

-SSG Rage (Naix)

-GSL Open Wounds (Naix)

-GL1 Rupture DMG (Blood)

-GL2 Rupture Duration (Blood)

-DHE Eye of the Storm (Lightning Revenant)

-DHC Static Link (Lightning Revenant)

-BFR FlameBreak (Batride)

-REP Replicate (Morph)

-HOL Black hole (Morph)

-HOL Backstab (Riki)

-set x Kunka Summon Spot

-set h Anti Mage Blink Location

-set a Tiny Throw Location

-set n HolyKnight Summon Spot

-set h Kunka Water Torrent Location

-set y Invoker Location

-set x0 Disable summon on location (Kunka)

-set c0 Disable summon on location (Anti Mage)

-set a0 Disable summon on location (Tiny)

-set n0 Disable summon on location (HolyKnight)

-set h0 Disable summon on location (Kunka Water)

-set y0 Disable summon on location (Invoker)

-IMGOD Instant Winning

-MA Set teleporting for certain player

-MS Instant Kill

-TW Tower Glyph Infinity

-HP Detect low-hp enemy

-LEGIT Turn off all hacks

-ITEM Item Hack (BKB & Satanic)

-RUNE Rune Activator

-Z Camera Zoom 1 - 1200

-NOGANK Anti-attack GANK ! Detect Approaching Enemies

-NOTELE No Teleport
Collided map only works under previous versions of 1.22, 1.21, and 1.20e.

When you are hosting, try to prevent people from downloading this map..

Greets 'n Credits:

Ming (99uxi)
Dan (Integer)
Amanda Christine (Jasser)
Shawn (Jasser)

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